Sloth Racket are a young British quintet led by London-based baritone saxophonist and composer Cath Roberts, featuring four other players currently or recently involved with the extremely fertile Manchester out-jazz scene: Sam Andreae (tenor sax), Anton Hunter (guitar), Johnny Hunter (drums) and Seth Bennett (bass). Their music explores extremes of ferocity interspersed with moments of fragile beauty, in an ongoing investigation of the relationship between improvisation and composition. Their debut album ‘Triptych’ was released this year on Roberts’ own Luminous label.

ROOKS is the name of the temporary collaboration between percussionist Taz Stevenson and no-input mixer player Oliver Payne. The project was devised after the duo witnessed the roosting of 50000 rooks at Old Buckenham in 2016. Astounded by the heavily textured and ever changing cacophony the birds produced they were inspired to interpret this natural phenomenon using scatter gun percussion and the flurried and unpredictable  sounds of electronic feedback