Stones; a workshop in preparation for a semi improvised electro-acoustic performance inspired by Christian Wolff’s classic open-ended composition. To open the ‘We Are 1’ event from Plink Plonk.

This workshop caters for participants of all ages and abilities. Places are free but must be booked in advance via

The piece…

“Make sounds with stones, draw sounds out of stones, using a number of sizes and kinds (and colours); for the most part discretely, sometimes in rapid sequences. For the most part striking stones with stones, but also stones on other surfaces (inside the open head of a drum for instance) or other than struck (bowed for instance, or amplified). Do not break anything.”

In the workshop we will explore the range of acoustic sounds we can produce from materials gathered, but we will also create some piezo contact microphones and explore the sonic possibilities of amplified signals created from the action of different sizes of stones on various surfaces and in various receptacles, (some of which may contain water). Audio from some of the amplified signals will be used for live processing and also to create control voltages for stimulating an analogue modular synthesizer.

The resulting audio will comprise a combination of acoustic, amplified, processed and electronic sources. The structure of the music, a fifteen minute performance, will be decided on the day and informed by the most successful sounds and combinations discovered during the course of the workshop.

There will be a short period between the end of the workshop and the performance where participants have the opportunity to try out their instruments and acoustics within St George’s Church.

David Ross is a restless and unconventional multi-instrumentalist who brings an intensely musical quality to every instrument he touches. For the past 25 years Ross has played drums, kalimba, Jew’s harps, kantele and electronics in a series of quietly eccentric groups such as The Kenny Process Team, The Happy Couple and Twinkle³, navigating the margins and crossing points between many different musical idioms, including folk, post-rock, electroacoustic composition and free improvisation.

In recent years he has become increasingly absorbed in analogue electronics as a member of Grutronic, who made two superb albums for Evan Parker’s psi label, and through a long-running series of musical projects with Clive Bell and Richard Scott. The Davestation is an electronic instrument he has honed over several years, morphed from his earlier instrument the Drossillator and specifically designed for real time composition.

Ross remains perhaps the only musician to have composed an album entirely using an analogue synthesizer built into a kettle. David has released music on Hemiola, Bingo, Sonic Arts Network, Barley Wheel, psi, Metier Jazz, Ini itu, Cusp Editions, Game of Life and Functional Electric.