Plink Plonk are proud to present saxophonist Cath Roberts’ quintet Sloth Racket, alongside local no-input mixer and drums duo ROOKS.

Cath Roberts is well-known for her various work with Quadraceratops, Ripsaw Catfish and more recently Sloth Racket. She is also one half of the LUME team, which presents original and improvised music in London, including the recent LUMELab events.

Sloth Racket is:

Cath Roberts (baritone sax)
Sam Andreae (tenor sax)
Anton Hunter (guitar)
Seth Bennett (double bass)
Johnny Hunter (drums)

Expect a fiery exploration of improvisation and composition, including graphic notation, minimal improv textures, and deep grooves…

More information about Sloth Racket and this tour, launching their second album, here:

ROOKS is the name of the temporary collaboration between percussionist Tazelaar Stevenson and no-input mixer player Oliver Payne. 

The project was devised after the duo witnessed the roosting of 50000 rooks at Old Buckenham in 2016. Astounded by the heavily textured and ever changing cacophony the birds produced they were inspired to interpret this natural phenomenon using scattergun percussion and the flurried and unpredictable sounds of electronic feedback.