Plankestra Presents is a series of live events which showcase groupings and ensembles developed within ‘The Plank’ workshops.

Plankestra Presents / THREE

Duo: Michael Page – DIY synth /Colleen O’Brien – voice, keys & loops

Solo: Daniel Larwood – Guitar

plus! Full Ensemble

Shoe Factory Social Club, £FREE, 7pm doors, BYOB, all welcome.

‘The Plank’ is the Norfolk & Norwich Sonic Arts Collective’s twice monthly meet up for artists and musicians interested in collaborating with others, developing their practice and socialising with other improvisers.

‘The Plank’ has existed for two years and in that time we have met over 30 members, Plankestra Presents purpose is to provide a platform for smaller groups and ensembles (for this launch event, chosen from a hat) and to highlight emerging and experienced improvisers in Norfolk and Norwich, through an invited solo performance.

The music will be accompanied by visual artists.