Pan Anglian

Pananglian are an improvising psyche/American Primitive group that consist of permanent members Morris Masuda Suicide Speedboats, Akawe, There’s More Of Us Than There Are Of You’ and JD Mason (whose solo release ‘Opalescent’ was admired by Wire magazine), and occasionally feature Haydn Lukies, Oliver Payne and Jack Godfrey.

Morris started attending the Gathering improvisation group in London in the late nineties and performed and recorded with them.  He has also played with Alan Wilkinson and Lol Coxhill amongst others.  Currently he plays guitar in Fun King Poets with Paul Shearsmith, Michael Walter, Robin Musgrave and Jerry Bird.  They recently recorded their album ‘One Day’ at the Cowshed studios in London.
Pananglian‘ is taken from an Alan Partridge boast that he was ‘panAnglian‘.  Morris and James have been playing for a few month’s together meeting weekly in a garage south of Norwich to improvise on guitar, bass, drums, percussion and electronics.